Dr. Busso: The Evolution of My Dermatology Journey

By: Dr. Mariano Busso


As a Dermatologist, my journey in this field was a natural progression within a family deeply rooted in medicine. Dermatology, with its visual puzzle-solving nature, immediately captivated me during my rotations. However, my venture into cosmetic dermatology wasn’t intentional but rather emerged unexpectedly from my research on HIV.

In 1995, the introduction of protease inhibitors revolutionized HIV treatment but left patients with facial lipoatrophy. This pivotal moment shifted my practice towards cosmetic solutions. My involvement in studies led to the approval of Bellafill and the development of Radiesse, offering hope to those affected. 

A standout moment was a brief but impactful talk at a prestigious conference where I introduced groundbreaking filler concepts. This presentation altered filler practices, leading to FDA approvals and significant industry changes. 

Amidst my professional journey, there were lighter moments. I vividly recall a language mishap during an examination that had a patient humorously spinning around the room. It taught me the importance of effective communication beyond medical expertise. 

Driven by a passion for advancement, I’ve delved into facial thread-lifting, pioneering the  BussoLyft  technique, aiming to set new standards. 

My mentor, Dr. Resnick, imparted not just scientific knowledge but the value of hard work, remaining a guiding force in my career and personal life. 

Books, notably Bertrand Russell’s “Principles of Mathematics,” shaped my logical thinking, influencing various disciplines. 

Beyond medical achievements, my commitment to serving AIDS patients remains fundamental. For 25 years, I’ve provided free services, combating discrimination and offering compassionate care. 

Reflecting on life’s lessons, I emphasize curiosity, learning from mistakes, prioritizing family, following passion, and embracing innovation. Dermatology, once deemed simple, has evolved into an intricate and exciting discipline, dispelling myths surrounding it. 

I envision a movement for wellness—incorporating a daily 10-minute power meditation routine in educational curriculums to foster positive thinking from an early age. 

As I continue to innovate, engaging in discussions with influential figures like Bill Maher is a dream, drawn to his wit and intellectual honesty. 

In sharing my experiences, I aim to offer an open insight into the varied experiences that have molded my career. It's about embracing challenges, deriving inspiration from unforeseen moments, and persistently aiming for innovation to enhance patient care.

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