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What Is Ellacor?

Ellacor is a groundbreaking aesthetic treatment that uses micro-coring™ technology to firm the skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As you get older or experience changes in your physique (such as with weight loss), you may experience loose, droopy skin as a result of lost volume. While other skin tightening treatments involve surgery or thermal energy, the Ellacor system uses hollow needles to extract "micro-cores" of excess skin, triggering your body's collagen and elastin production at the same time for a naturally firmer, smoother result. Mariano Busso, MD, PA is proud to offer Ellacor as a gentler anti-aging solution for Miami, FL patients who want tighter, younger-looking skin without the risk of scarring. To learn more about this game-changing procedure, reach out to our facility to schedule your Ellacor consultation with our acclaimed dermatologist, Dr. Mariano Busso.

What are the Benefits of Ellacor?

There are many benefits to choosing Ellacor as your anti-aging treatment in Miami, FL, including:

  • Non-invasive: Ellacor does not involve any incisions, making it a gentler and safer option for those who want to avoid scarring or extensive recovery time.
  • Quick and convenient: Ellacor treatments take less than 30 minutes per session. This means you can easily fit a treatment into your busy schedule without disrupting your day.
  • Long-lasting results: With proper care and maintenance, Ellacor results can last for years. Our staff provides tips and recommendations to help extend the longevity of your outcomes.
  • Customizable: By adjusting the depth of the needles, Dr. Busso can tailor Ellacor to address your specific needs and concerns.

How Does Ellacor Work?

Ellacor treatments at our Miami, FL office usually take less than 30 minutes per session, making them easy to fit into your day. During your appointment, our staff will prepare your skin for the procedure as you lie back in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. We will also administer local anesthesia to reduce any sensation from the treatment. Ellacor works by using a series of small, hollow needles to take out tiny "cores" of excess skin. As these cores are taken out, the body's natural healing process is triggered, improving the skin's texture, tone, and tightness over time. The needles can be adjusted to different depths, giving you options to customize your treatment for optimal results.

After your session, you may have some temporary redness or sensitivity, but there should be no scarring. For the best results, we recommend at least three Ellacor treatments at Mariano Busso, MD, PA, spacing them out 30 days apart.

Best cosmetic doctor. I highly recommend.

L.B. Google

I have been going to Dr. Busso for almost 15 years. There is no other dermatalogist I would trust more in Miami.

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Excellent Dr. very kind and patient.

E.L. Google

Sam the aesthetician is a true expert in her craft with Laser treatment. Sam has been treating my face and chest with Laser for over 6 months. The results have been amazing! My skin is glowing, firm and the elasticity is superb. She is keen in accessing the needs of your skin and able to tailor the treatment to address the areas of concerns and skin needs. Sam has earned my trust and respect for her expertise with Lasers. Thank you Sam for sharing your years of experience and knowledge with your clients. You set the bar high for others.

T. Google

Had the most amazing hydrafacial with Sam. She spent so much time with me and included way more extras than in hydrafacials I’ve had in the past. I left glowing and super relaxed! Thank you!

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A Nonsurgical Facelift Alternative

Dr. Busso and the team at Mariano Busso, MD, PA are excited to offer Ellacor as a nonsurgical facelift alternative for Miami, FL men and women who want to enhance their overall appearance without the risk of scarring. Boasting quick results and minimal downtime, Ellacor can remove up to two inches of skin in one brief treatment, creating a firmer, uplifted look. To learn more about this innovative treatment, call our office today to arrange your consultation.

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How much does Ellacor cost?

The total cost of Ellacor will vary from patient to patient depending on their own unique needs. Schedule a consultation with our staff so we can listen to your concerns and assess your body before creating a personalized treatment plan. At that point, we'll be able to provide a more accurate estimate of the price of the procedure.

How long do results from Ellacor last?

Each individual patient's skin will respond to the treatment differently, and their different lifestyles could play a role in how long the results last. However, we do notice most of our patients have visible results from their procedure for about 5 – 7 years.

Is Ellacor painful?

No. The vast majority of our patients do not report feeling any discomfort during or after their treatment. If you're particularly sensitive to pain, let our staff know and we can try to find a way to help.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.