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Dermal Fillers: How To Choose the Right Dermal Fillers For You

Dr. Mariano Busso02/12/2024

With numerous options available, understanding dermal fillers can be daunting. Let's explore the differences and recommend what's best for you.


Crow's Feet: Non-Invasive Solutions Beyond Botox

Dr. Mariano Busso02/08/2024

Persistent crow's feet, or wrinkles around the eyes, following Botox treatment are a common concern. Here are the solutions recommended by Dr. Busso.


EMFACE in Miami, FL: Lift the Forehead, Cheeks, and Submentum Without Surgery

Dr. Mariano Busso02/05/2024

Discover how this cutting-edge treatment can lift the brows, cheeks, and submentum with no needles, no downtime, and no surgery.


Dr. Mariano Busso's Personalized Approach To Lip Fillers

Dr. Mariano Busso02/01/2024

Lip fillers offer more than just added volume. Let's discuss how fillers can refine lip shape, correct asymmetry, define borders, and much more


Selecting Sunscreen for Vitiligo: Dermatology Recommended Choices

Dr. Mariano Busso01/29/2024

Discover dermatologist-endorsed sunscreens for vitiligo-prone skin with Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso


The Four Principles of Non-Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

Dr. Mariano Busso01/25/2024

Explore the four essential principles of non-invasive facial rejuvenation—Fill, Peel, Pull, & Relax—by Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso


Nightly Skincare: The Advantages of Introducing Night Cream into Your Routine

Dr. Mariano Busso01/22/2024

Let's discuss night creams, their unique reparative qualities and transformative effects with Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Mariano Busso


The Varied Applications of Botox: Understanding its Diverse Indications

Dr. Mariano Busso01/18/2024

Let's discuss the wide-ranging applications of Botox and explore its diverse indications with Dr. Mariano Busso


Preventative Botox: When to Start and What to Expect

Dr. Mariano Busso01/15/2024

Gaining popularity among young adults, preventive Botox is a proactive approach to manage fine lines. However, when is the ideal time to start?


Improve the Appearance of Dark Circles Under the Eyes with Dark Circle Treatment

Dr. Mariano Busso01/07/2024

Discover effective treatments for dark under-eye circles, the benefits, and what to expect post-procedure with advice from Dr. Mariano Busso.


Dr. Busso: The Evolution of My Dermatology Journey

Dr. Mariano Busso12/15/2023

Read about Dr. Busso's journey in dermatology - from HIV research to becoming a prominent figure in the field of cosmetic dermatology.


Botox Aftercare Myths: Truth vs. Fiction Explained

Dr. Mariano Busso11/28/2023

Let's debunk common myths and shed light on the truth behind Botox aftercare.


The Complete Red Light Therapy Guide: Benefits, Safety, and Best Practices

Dr. Mariano Busso11/21/2023

If you have ever considered trying red light therapy, here are some important facts you should know from a board-certified dermatologist.


Spironolactone for Acne: Uses, Safety Tips, and Effectiveness Explained

Dr. Mariano Busso11/20/2023

Read about how Spironolactone revolutionizes acne treatment while learning crucial precautions and essential safety insights.


Collagen: Benefits, Production, and Enhancement Strategies for Optimal Health

Dr. Mariano Busso11/16/2023

Read About Collagen's Vital Role in Skin Health and Aging, and Learn Essential Strategies for Optimal Preservation and Enhancement of Collagen


Exploring the Beauty of Natural Skincare: Benefits and Considerations

Dr. Mariano Busso11/07/2023

Let's examine natural skincare products like olive oil, cucumber, and honey, and their role in anti-aging routines.


Achieve Tightened Facial Skin with a PDO Thread Lift (BussoLyft®)

Dr. Mariano Busso10/14/2023

Dr. Busso offers a minimally invasive solution for skin tightening with BussoLyft® in Miami, FL, providing immediate and long-lasting results.


Mastering the BussoLyft: Your Ultimate Guide to PDO Thread Lifting

Dr. Mariano Busso10/09/2023

Learn about the science behind PDO thread lifting, step-by-step protocols, and essential considerations for optimal results.


Exploring PDO Threads: Answering Your FAQs

Dr. Mariano Busso09/26/2023

Let's answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding PDO threads.


Prince Harry's Hair Transformation: How To Treat Male Pattern Baldness

Dr. Mariano Busso09/18/2023

Explore Prince Harry's journey through androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, and learn about a range of contemporary treatments.

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