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What Is the Ellipse® Laser?

Our state-of-the-art Ellipse Laser effectively minimizes unwanted visible veins, often called spider veins. Most visible veins appear on the thighs and calves although they can appear on many areas of the body. There are many causes for visible veins such as age, genetics, trauma, or occupation.

At Mariano Busso, MD, PA in Miami, FL, our team proudly offers the innovative Ellipse laser for spider veins. This advanced treatment effectively reduces the appearance of spider veins, providing patients with smoother and more even skin. Here are some key benefits of the Ellipse laser treatment for spider veins:

  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure
  • Quick recovery time with little to no downtime
  • Long-lasting results with proper care
  • Safe and precise targeting of affected veins
  • Suitable for various skin types and tones
  • Minimal risk of scarring or pigmentation changes

Patients can expect minimal discomfort during the procedure, and the quick recovery time means you can return to your daily activities almost immediately.

How Does the Ellipse Laser Treat Spider Veins?

The Ellipse laser sends energy into the blood and vessel walls, leading to the complete or partial collapse of the unwanted vein. The constricted vessel then degenerates, and visible veins are reduced. The ideal immediate response to treatment is the coagulation of the vessel. This effect can be observed in the form of bluish or grayish discoloration visible on the skin's surface.

Best cosmetic doctor. I highly recommend.

L.B. Google

I have been going to Dr. Busso for almost 15 years. There is no other dermatalogist I would trust more in Miami.

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Excellent Dr. very kind and patient.

E.L. Google

Sam the aesthetician is a true expert in her craft with Laser treatment. Sam has been treating my face and chest with Laser for over 6 months. The results have been amazing! My skin is glowing, firm and the elasticity is superb. She is keen in accessing the needs of your skin and able to tailor the treatment to address the areas of concerns and skin needs. Sam has earned my trust and respect for her expertise with Lasers. Thank you Sam for sharing your years of experience and knowledge with your clients. You set the bar high for others.

T. Google

Had the most amazing hydrafacial with Sam. She spent so much time with me and included way more extras than in hydrafacials I’ve had in the past. I left glowing and super relaxed! Thank you!

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Is laser spider vein treatment painful?

The level of discomfort during laser spider vein treatment is generally minimal. Patients may experience a slight stinging or warming sensation as the laser energy is delivered, but it is typically well-tolerated. Cooling methods, such as a chilled air device or cooling gel, may be used to enhance patient comfort during the procedure.

How many sessions are typically needed for laser spider vein treatment?

The number of sessions required depends on factors such as the size, number, and location of the spider veins. In many cases, patients may undergo multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal results. A personalized treatment plan will be determined during the initial consultation.

Can laser spider vein treatment be performed on any skin type?

Advancements in laser technology have expanded the range of suitable skin types for treatment. However, the effectiveness of the treatment may vary based on individual skin characteristics. A consultation with our team in Miami, FL can help determine the most appropriate approach for specific skin types.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.