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The team at Dr. Busso is completely committed to helping patients change their lives by providing compassionate, high-quality care and leading-edge aesthetic treatments. Many of our staff members have been working alongside Dr. Mariano Busso for more than 20 years, learning new techniques and technologies along the way so they can continue providing a first-class experience for every person who visits our offices in Miami, FL and Beverly Hills, CA. Our team will take the time to understand your unique goals and skin concerns before building a personalized treatment plan designed to address them.


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Marilyn S.

Manager/Front Desk – Miami

Marilyn has been part of Dr. Busso's staff since 2000, working at the front desk. "The office has become my second home. My favorite job is assisting patients and giving them the best care possible. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with family and friends."

Mayra M.

Front Desk – Miami

Mayra has been a member of Dr. Busso's staff since 2004, assisting him with all aspects of patient care. "I have learned so much from Dr. Busso, watching him practice his expertise in cosmetic procedures and medical dermatology."

Michelle L.

Medical Assistant – Miami

Michelle has been a member of Dr. Busso's staff since 2022. As a medical assistant at our Miami practice, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of the practice. With a passion for healthcare, she is devoted to assisting Dr. Busso in providing quality care. 


Karina J.

Medical Assistant – Miami

Karina has been a member of Dr. Busso's staff since 2022. Serving as a medical assistant at our Miami practice, she brings her skills and compassion to enhance the patient experience. With a focus on providing excellent care, she plays a vital role in supporting Dr. Busso's practice.

Samantha R.

Medical Aesthetician/Licenced Laser Specialist - Miami

Samantha is our esteemed medical aesthetician and laser specialist in our Miami office. With a wealth of expertise in advanced skincare treatments and laser aesthetics, she is dedicated to delivering personalized and effective solutions for clients seeking to enhance their natural beauty. Her genuine passion for skincare shines through in every treatment, contributing to the exceptional level of care that defines Dr. Busso's practice. 

Kristen T.

Manager – Beverly Hills

Kristen has been a member of Dr. Busso's staff since 2020. As manager of Dr. Busso's Beverly Hills practice, she oversees the daily operations, ensuring a well-organized and patient-friendly environment. Her leadership has been instrumental in maintaining the high standards of service that define Dr. Busso's practice. 

Jessie W.

Medical Assistant – Beverly Hills

Jessie has been a member of Dr. Busso's staff since 2020. As a medical assistant at our Beverly Hills practice, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations. With a keen attention to detail and a caring approach, she provides invaluable support to both our medical team and patients alike, contributing to the overall excellence of our services. 

Nancy A.

Nancy is our bookkeeper, who has been an indispensable part of our team since 1999. Working diligently behind the scenes, Nancy ensures the seamless organization of all crucial aspects of our practice. Beyond her role as a meticulous bookkeeper, Nancy is the heart of our team, embodying a nurturing spirt that makes her feel like a mother to us all.

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