Dr. Mariano Busso's Personalized Approach To Lip Fillers

By: Dr. Mariano Busso


Lip fillers have become a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their lips, but understanding the nuances of this procedure is essential for achieving natural and personalized results. In this comprehensive guide, we break down the lip filler journey into a menu of options, exploring how volume, definition, and support can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

Exploring the Lip Filler Menu

When embarking on the lip filler journey, it's crucial to know that options extend beyond simply making the lips bigger. The menu of choices include:     

  • Adding volume     
  • Enhancing definition     
  • Providing support     
  • Combining these elements for a harmonious look

Volume - Not Just about Size, but Fullness

Contrary to common misconception, achieving volume in lip fillers doesn't necessarily mean making the lips larger. It's about creating fullness and balance.  For instance, let’s see the lips below. 

For the lips on the first row below, we increased the sides of the lateral aspects of the upper lip and we increased the height giving the appearance of being fuller. 

For the lips on the second row below, we see that there’s more balance that one side of the lip was much smaller than the other side and by giving more volume on that side makes it fuller more volume but doesn’t necessarily look bigger. 


In the depicted lip below, there's an augmentation of volume in both the upper and lower regions, yet it's subtly executed, making it imperceptible that filler has been applied.


We can also enhance volume by introducing more projection, as illustrated in the left image below. However, from the frontal perspective, this projection doesn't result in a significantly larger appearance; instead, it contributes to a fuller and more aesthetically pleasing look, as depicted in the image on the right.


Definition - Outlining the Perfect Lip

Delving into the enhancement of lip definition, this category is designed for those aiming to emphasize the natural contours of their lips. Illustrated in the images below, we can elevate the definition and accentuate the lip's outline, achieving a distinct and pronounced look reminiscent of the Russian lip (images on the first row), or opt for a more subtle and less pronounced effect for a regular lip (images on the second row).


Support - Targeting the Columns

We can further enhance and fortify lip support, particularly on the side columns of the mouth, by addressing marionette lines, as demonstrated in the images on the first row. Another approach involves refining the overall appearance by working around the lip, enhancing the frame of the face, and eliminating wrinkles without directly impacting the lip itself, as shown in the images on the second row.


A customized approach is of vital importance, as it ensures that the chosen options align with individual preferences. My goal as a Cosmetic Dermatologist is not merely to make lips "beauti-fuller" but to enhance their natural beauty. The emphasis remains on crafting a lip appearance that is uniquely and authentically beautiful.

For a comprehensive understanding of lip fillers and the diverse menu options available to patients, feel free to watch the informative video below where I provide detailed insights and explanations.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.