Laser Hair Removal For Darker Skin


Laser hair removal has been a gift for millions of men and women who are now spared from the frustration of continually battling hair growth where they don’t want it. The minutes spent in treatment sessions pale in comparison to the hours upon hours saved by no longer having to shave, epilate, or apply removal creams as often as before. After just a few treatments, shaving and epilating become infinitely easier since there are fewer strands to target.

For too long, however, the technology behind laser hair removal made it unpleasant for people with darker skin to take advantage of the procedure. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

At Dr. Mariano Busso’s Miami aesthetic dermatology clinic, we offer a safe, effective, and permanent hair removal solution for individuals of all skin types. Lasoderm, an innovative and widely praised approach, is the product of almost 15 years of laser hair removal experience by licensed and board-certified laser specialist Lisa Gurvich. Since 2005, Lisa has been performing laser hair removal in Miami and has earned a reputation for achieving exceptional results, including permanent hair removal for those who have seen only temporary results from other treatments. We are proud to have Lisa and her talents on our team.

What Was The Problem With Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin?

Laser hair removal does its job by targeting the pigment found in the hair. That pigment is typically dark. The problem for folks with darker skin is the lack of contrast – older lasers had a difficult time distinguishing between the pigment in their hair and the pigment in their skin. Since the laser was doing its work both on the hair and the skin surrounding it, it often caused dark and light spots on the skin, blisters, and occasional scarring.

Next-Gen Lasers Fix The Problem

The latest generation of lasers was designed to address this issue. At Dr. Busso’s clinic, Lisa uses the Alma SOPRANO XL 810-nm diode laser system, the highest standard for laser hair removal technology. It offers permanent hair removal with minimal discomfort and thorough coverage of the target area. An on-board computer ensures that settings match your skin color and hair type, further enhancing safety.

810nm diode lasers like the Alma SOPRANO XL system uses low fluence that decreases side effects related to dark skin color while remaining effective at removing targeted hair. One study of such lasers found that their “high repetition rate produces high performance in hair removal results with virtually no adverse effects. Overall, this unique technology has proven effective and safe for patients with dark skin types.”

Laser Hair Removal For All Skin Types at Dr. Busso’s Clinic.

No matter your skin type, you can now take advantage of the permanent solution delivered by laser hair removal. To schedule your Lasoderm laser hair removal consultation, contact Dr. Busso’s office today.

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