Wrinkles Or Fine Lines? Men, Meet Botox For A Younger 'You'


It was originally widely accepted that Botox procedures were primarily associated with the female clientele. Acclaimed Miami and Beverly Hills-based Dermatologist, Dr. Mariano Busso has always kept his appointment log full of female patients asking for the rested youthful results only Botox can bring but recently, this marvelous little injection has seen a dramatic rise in popularity among men. In the past ten years, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). America has seen a 20% increase in cosmetic procedures for men with Botox being one of the most requested services.

This shift in appreciation for what Botox can do for the male esthetic is quite clear. Transformational expert Cam Byrnes makes his living by helping his clients achieve the best version of themselves. Mostly, Cam helps foster good nutritional habits and fitness protocols for his clients looking to feel better about themselves, but Cam is also happy to acknowledge simple procedures like Botox and how they can help foster confidence while shifting his client’s mindset.

The Australian-born star of the hit Netflix series Bringing Sexy Back, a reality show that helps everyday individuals adopt healthier lifestyles and transform their bodies to reclaim their confidence with dramatic results. first decided to get Botox after he turned 40 believing prevention to be the best strategy. According to Cam, his first experience was a little scary. He had never had needles in his face before but It wasn’t the fact that it was painful, it was more that he simply didn’t know what to expect.

His first results with Botox were quite subtle, in fact, during the initial visit, they only used a small amount to see how his face would react so he had to go in for a “top off” a week later. After that, Cam was very happy with the results.

At first, Cam didn’t tell anyone that he had the procedure, “It wasn’t until I saw the results. I was so happy with how it looked that I was actually excited to share that I had got Botox on my forehead.” said Cam. “I think it’s definitely becoming more popular. 3-4 years ago, I think it might have been frowned upon or looked on with judgment. But these days, the results are actually very subtle on men and I believe it’s becoming more commonplace.”

Recently, Cam visited Dr. Busso at his Beverly Hills facility for his second experience with Botox. “First, his offices are beautiful.” said Cam, “ His staff is super nice. I definitely felt safe. Dr. Busso is very friendly and kind. They use a small vibrational device to distract from the procedure which helped a lot with any discomfort. It was also very quick, I was surprised how fast it all happened. That was a relief.”

One week later and Cam is super happy with the results. The lines in his forehead have pretty much disappeared. When offering advice to his male friends or clients Cam advises to “start out small. There is no need to jump in the deep end. you can just work on your target areas first. No need to do the whole face. It’s really about preventing lines, you won’t have to worry about your eyebrows heading up to the sky. Botox, when applied correctly will help you look as natural as possible. That’s what Dr. Busso tries to achieve for men– youthful masculinity.”

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